γ - PGA is a kind of poly amino acid polymerized by glutamic acid monomer through amide bond. It is a kind of biopolymer material. It is the third generation amino acid prepared by fermentation of monosodium glutamate and glucose. It has the advantages of * adsorption and non toxicity. Adding it into compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, urea, water-soluble fertilizer and other fertilizers can reduce the loss of fertilizer nutrients and improve the utilization of fertilizer It is a new generation of fertilizer synergist.

The molecular weight ranges from 100kda to 10000kda. γ - PGA has excellent water solubility, * adsorption and biodegradability. The degradation product is pollution-free glutamic acid. It is an excellent environmental protection polymer material. It can be used as water retaining agent, heavy metal ion adsorbent, flocculant, slow-release agent and drug carrier. It has great commercial value in cosmetics, environmental protection, food, medicine, agriculture, desert control and other industries Value and social value.

The role of γ - PGA in agricultural industry

1、 High strength of water retention and moisture retention

γ - PGA molecule contains more than 1000 high-strength hydrophilic carboxylic acid groups, which can fully maintain the moisture in the soil, improve the bulkiness and porosity of cohesive soil, and improve the fertilizer and water holding capacity of sandy soil. In addition, polyglutamic acid can effectively prevent the combination of sulfate and phosphate with calcium and magnesium, avoid the production of low soluble salts, and promote the absorption and utilization of nutrients. Therefore, as a nutrient synergist, γ - PGA is widely used in granulation equipment, and the fertilizer produced has the functions of drought resistance, water retention and fertilizer efficiency improvement.

2、 Rooting and strengthening roots, improving crop stress resistance, increasing seed germination rate, promoting seedling root growth

For wheat, corn, rice and other field crops, γ - PGA can be used as seed dressing agent, generally diluted 5-10 times, and mixed with seeds, which can improve the germination rate and survival rate of seeds. For fruit and vegetable economic crops, polyglutamic acid can be used as seedling nutrient solution, diluted 200-400 times, dipped in the root or sprayed on the seedbed or seedling tray, which can promote the root growth and improve the resistance of seedlings.

γ - PGA can promote the growth of plant roots, stimulate the growth of root hair and new roots, and improve the ability of nutrient absorption in the underground part of plants. It can effectively ensure the normal absorption of water and nutrients and buffer the damage to plant roots caused by drought, waterlogging and low temperature.

3、 Two way adjustment of pH and soil pH

γ - PGA can effectively balance soil pH, make acid soil and alkaline soil gradually change to neutral soil, and avoid acid soil and soil hardening caused by long-term use of chemical fertilizer. It can also improve saline and alkaline soil caused by seawater reverse irrigation.

4、 Sustained release synergist

In the application of fertilizers and insecticides, adding appropriate amount of γ - PGA can prolong the residence time of the drug on the surface of the target, and the effect will not be weakened by rain washing. As a synergist of fertilizer, it can promote nutrient absorption, reduce fertilizer use, increase crop yield, improve crop quality and enhance crop disease resistance. Foliar spraying, root irrigation with γ - PGA or application of γ - PGA synergic compound fertilizer can increase root growth, leaf thickness and soluble solid content of fruit, increase single fruit weight, increase flower yield, enhance the ability of continuous bearing and disease resistance of plant.

It can increase vegetable yield by 15-40%, grain yield by 10-25% and economic crop yield by 15-30%. Improving crop quality, increasing the content of vitamin C, reducing sugar and trace elements, reducing nitrate can save fertilizer by 15-30%. The utilization efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer and potassium fertilizer increased by 50-60%, 5% and 15-20%, respectively.

5、 Biostimulants

γ - PGA can be regarded as polypeptide with different molecular weight, which has the effect of common amino acid fertilizer and similar to fish protein. Therefore, it has a positive effect on crop growth, rooting, seedling strengthening, disease resistance, stress resistance, yield and quality improvement.

6、 Chelate heavy metal ions in soil, alleviate soil toxicity and purify soil

γ - PGA can chelate Pb, CD, Cr, Al, as and other heavy metals in soil, which can prevent crops from absorbing too much toxic metals from soil. As a medium peptide synergist, it is added to urea, phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer to improve the utilization rate of nutrients, reduce chemical residues and reduce soil pollution.

7、 Scope of application

1. Phosphorus compound fertilizer and compound microbial fertilizer, etc
It can be used in the production of urea, large element compound fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer, etc. it can be widely used in the production process. After using this product, it can improve the granulation rate, improve the utilization rate of nitrogen and phosphorus, and increase the fertilizer efficiency by 10-20%. 3-5kg / ton.

2. Soil conditioner
Polyglutamic acid can be used alone as a soil conditioner, which can not only improve the acidified soil, but also improve the saline alkali soil, eliminate soil hardening and reduce the risk of soil diseases. 3-5kg / mu.

3. Liquid fertilizer
It can be combined with liquid amino acid, fulvic acid, microbial liquid, clear night fertilizer, suspension fertilizer, etc. to improve the product effect, rooting and seedling strengthening, disease resistance and stress resistance, quality improvement and yield increase. 50-100kg / ton.

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