Agricultural machinery makes planting convenient and fast

With the continuous improvement of utilization efficiency, the production efficiency of agricultural cooperatives is improved and the input of agricultural labor cost is reduced.

With the continuous development of China's economy, the output of agricultural production needs to continue to expand, and then the agricultural planting area also needs to continue to expand. In the process of expanding agricultural production, if farmers want to plant without effort, it is inseparable from the development of agriculture and the invention of various agricultural machines in the new era. Now, because of the use of agricultural machines and pesticides, many farmers have realized their desire to plant more mu of land.

Agricultural machinery has changed the traditional planting mode, created a new planting mode, and improved the efficiency of agricultural production. In the past, because farming could only rely on human resources, many farmers had limited land for seeds. On the one hand, they didn't have enough energy, on the other hand, they didn't have enough time. But now, because of the agricultural machinery, many things of human labor can be replaced by machines, which saves a lot of time and improves the efficiency of agricultural production.

With the continuous development of planting technology, farmers feel the advancement of modern agriculture and start a new era of agricultural production. At the same time, it also allows many farmers to grow more land, and many hard-working farmers contract more than 100 mu of land a year. Although this year is a lot of work, but the income is also considerable, when the harvest of several hundred thousand a year is not a problem. At the same time, farmers can expand the planting area and produce more economic income.

Many farmers said that they deeply felt the advantages of agricultural machinery. In the past, they could only rely on manpower for farming. They planted in spring, weeded in summer, and harvested in autumn. Every link needed manpower. Many people could not imagine such hardship. Even with this kind of labor, a family can only have the energy to plant more than ten mu of land, and if there is more, they will be too busy. But now there is a seeder in spring, a seeder can plant dozens of acres of land in a day. Save a lot of time, but also in the most appropriate time to create work. And in summer, there is no need for people to shovel the land. The use of herbicides makes many farmers avoid shoveling the land in the hot summer.

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